Privacy Policy

MC TOP (hereinafter referred to as 'this website') In order to provide you with various services and information on this website, we would like to explain the privacy protection policy of this website to ensure your rights and interests. Please read the following content:
  • 1. Scope of Privacy Protection Policy

      The content of the privacy protection policy includes how this website handles the personal identifiable information collected when you use website services. The privacy protection policy does not apply to other websites or services not managed by us.
  • 2. Collection, Processing, and Utilization of Personal Data

      When you visit this website or use the provided functional services, we will collect necessary personal information depending on the nature of the service. We will process and utilize your personal data within the scope of the specific purpose. Without your written consent, this website will not use personal data for other purposes. During browsing, the server will automatically record relevant actions, including the IP address and usage time of your connecting device, as a reference basis for enhancing website services. This record is for internal use or for account misuse inquiries and will never be disclosed externally.
  • 3. Data Protection

      This website uses Firebase to store user data and will not publicly disclose your information. About Firebase's privacy and security: Support Privacy
  • 4. Related External Links of the Website

      The web pages of this website provide links to other websites on the internet, and you can also access other websites through the links provided by this website. However, the privacy protection policy of this website does not apply to those linked websites. You must refer to the privacy protection policy of the linked website.
  • 5. Policy for Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

      This website will never provide, exchange, rent, or sell any of your personal data to other individuals, groups, private companies, or public agencies. However, this does not include cases where there is a legal basis or contractual obligation. This website may use Google Analytics (hereinafter referred to as 'GA') or similar services to collect anonymous user information and browsing behavior to improve user experience. Please note that the information collected by GA is anonymous and cannot be used to identify individuals. If you do not wish GA to collect your information, you can configure it in your browser to reject the use of cookies or disable GA through the 'Browser Add-on' provided by Google.
  • 6. Use of Cookies

      To provide you with the best service, this website will place and access our cookies in your browser. If you do not want to accept the writing of cookies, you can set the privacy level to high in the browser functions you use to reject the writing of cookies, but this may result in some functions of the website not performing properly.
  • 7. Revision of the Privacy Protection Policy

      The privacy protection policy of this website may be revised at any time in response to demands, and the revised terms will be posted on the website. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us through the following methods: Email: